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If you or someone you know can’t get enough of Hollywood, grab a subscription to EMPIRE and get to peak behind the scenes of some of the greatest movies in existence…

News, reviews and interviews – when it comes to the movie business, EMPIRE has it all! Every month this mag delves deep behind the scenes of classic cinema and upcoming releases, compiling a fact- and feature-filled bonanza of cinematic goodness that is sure to satisfy the movie buff in you.

There are a host of great features in every issue – such as the ‘Classic Screen’ transcripts of memorable movie dialogue, the ‘Pint of Milk’ quiz where celebrities are quizzed on unusual topics to reveal how out of touch they really are, and the ‘At Home’ guides designed to help you find the all the best DVD and Blu-ray releases to enjoy from the comfort of your sofa.

If you’re a slave to the latest Spielberg or Scorcese, a lover of George Lucas or continue to be tantalized by the works of Tarantino, EMPIRE is the planet’s number one best-selling film magazine. Even if you miss the blockbusters in favour of indies and arthouse flicks, EMPIRE is on hand to help guide you to the finest films on the market, with first-hand quotes from the world’s biggest celebs and the mag’s unique and irreverent sense of humour and plethora of poised critics ready and waiting.

For the latest releases from Tinseltown, grab a subscription to EMPIRE today - and save up to 33%.

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