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Support The Big Issue: The Big Christmas Appeal

2020 has been the toughest year The Big Issue has ever had. Their work with vendors is more vital, and more challenging, than anytime in their history. Help Support The Big issue by reading more below on their BIG Christmas appeal!

The Big Issue is a weekly magazine sold by homeless people and people in poverty as a way to earn a living with a hand up, not a handout. However, 2020 has been the toughest year The Big Issue has ever had. With the government’s latest national lockdown, The Big issue had no choice but to take vendors off the streets immediately for the second time this year. This means that their work with vendors is more vital and more challenging than at any time in their history. The Big Issue need your support, now more than ever to help their vendors through the Covid-19 pandemic this Christmas.

Big Issue vendors are amongst the most vulnerable members of our society – homeless or insecurely housed, facing poverty, exclusion and physical and mental health issues. This year has seen them unable to earn for more than 3 months and experiencing a 40% downturn in sales since returning to their pitches as footfall on our high streets remains at an all-time low. This impacts their ability to meet their most basic needs, as well as taking a significant toll on their mental health.

If the current trend continues, Christmas looks very bleak for our vendors and threatens The Big Issue’s ability to be there for all those who will need us into 2021 and beyond.

By subscribing to a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription through isubscribe today you can help The Big Issue and their vendors at this crucial time. All proceeds will go to The Big Issue!

Proceeds help to provide material necessities including supermarket vouchers, cooking equipment and pet food. As well as equally important emotional support through connection with services available such as universal credit, and telephone conversation to fill the missing daily interaction that vendors have with their customers.

As well as supporting vendors through subscriptions, The Big Issue are also taking donations, of which half of the proceeds support vendors and half goes to The Big Issue to continue their work. Click HERE to make a one off donation.

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