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Happy May Day! Here’s how to celebrate…

Not just an excuse for a three-day weekend, May Day actually has a rich past and roots in pagan festivals celebrating Spring and Fertility, along with plenty of weird and wonderful traditions you can partake in.

Dance round a maypole

Probably the most iconic May Day celebration, a wooden pole is erected in a park or village centre and adorned with multi-coloured ribbons. People then dance around the pole until the ribbons are entwined, before reversing.

Choose a May Queen

Traditionally, a May queen is chosen from local schoolgirls in tribute to Flora, the Roman goddess of Spring. But why not celebrate in your own way by telling your own queen (or king) just how special they are to you.

Morris Dancing                                                                    

Those jaunty Morris Dancers love to celebrate the season of abundance and will be out in their droves today. So, if you do happen to come across a gaggle of them in your town, don’t frown and cross the road, but clap along, sing and be merry.

Delight a neighbour or friend

May baskets filled with flowers or sweets were often left on the doorsteps of neighbours, and while this tradition has fallen out of favour, there is no reason you can’t surprise someone you care about with flowers, wine, or even just a lovely text.

Support the workers

May Day also marks International Workers Day where workers of the world unite and rally in support of trade unionisation and better working conditions. So take to the streets and use this May Day to usher in an era of prosperity and abundance for all.

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