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Sarah Jessica Parker's Divorce is Imminent

No, SJP isn't splitting with long-time beau Matthew Broderick, but starring in new comedy series Divorce...

If you’ve spent these past 12, long years desperately pining for the return of Sarah Jessica Parker to UK telly, then the 11th October 2016 will be a good day. The Emmy-winning actress is set to star in Divorce, a new comedy series from Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe).

The 51-year-old will be portraying Frances, a recent divorcee who is looking for a fresh start in life. Whilst Parker has become known for her stylish portrayal of feisty female characters, she was quick to stress that Frances and her most famous role, Carrie, have little in common.

“I don’t think that we actually talked a lot about trying to make her different, I think this story is different,” she told Variety. “I was always interested in the story of marriage, and by virtue of that interest alone it was automatically different. The only time we were cognizant of distinction was when we started talking about the wardrobe.”

“I think Frances was so much her own person from the moment I read the pilot,” she continued. “She was so distinct from not only Carrie but any character I’ve ever played.”

And after over a decade away from our screens, the Ohio-born star slipped back into her on-screen antics with ease.

“I love television – I love the process, the schedule, the speed, the urgency, how important every detail is,” she gushed. “It didn’t take long to feel natural again.”

Divorce will be aired on Sky Atlantic at 10.10pm. For more celeb goodness and exclusive interviews, grab a subscription to Variety

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