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Crafting For Kids: Tips to get them to ditch the tablet

If your little one spends far too long gazing at the screen, don’t get frustrated, get creative with these great crafting ideas.

Discuss time limits at the start of every session – Anyone who has ever tried to pry their kid away from the shiny, enticing tablet, knows just how tricky it can be. So rather than stop them middle of a game or video, discuss limits beforehand… one game or two videos etc. Also, look into apps which have built in timers.

Have a fun activity planned for them to go on to – Chores or teatime aren’t the best reasons for a child to cease their play, so distract them instead with a fun crafting task. Because no kid in their right mind can resist the urge to make a real-life mess with glitter, glue and paint.

Install creative apps that can be utilised in crafts – Some apps are actually super creative and can help your child’s inner artist flourish. Virtual cake decorating, drawing and building games offer tools which can then be transferred to the physical realm.

Show them how rewarding crafting can be – There is nothing more satisfying than realising a project, and the best part about crafts is that you can then play with what you’ve created. Another tip is to make crafting a social activity, so invite their friends round and get everyone involved in the Papier-mâché parade.

Help them realise the power of their own imagination – Can a video game make a sock become a puppet? Or a plain old box become a castle? By showing your child just how limitless their own mind can be, you are setting them up for a life of creative abundance and joy, making everyday a possible adventure.

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