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Focusing on inland rivers and canals, Waterways World magazine makes a great read for anyone interested in the history and heritage of Britain's canals and the houseboat lifestyle.
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Full of current waterways news and information, expert advice on boat buying, ownership, planning and fitting out, fascinating reports on the canals, heritage and modern cruising articles. Whether you live on them, enjoy cruising or holidaying on them, or study their remarkable history, no waterways enthusiast should be without Waterways World: Britain's best-selling inland waterways magazine.


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A first class read if you own a narrowboat or are interested in the scene abroad but falls down on riverboating in wider beam craft.
I bought this magazine for my dad for Christmas, he's been working on boats his whole life and has just retired. He really enjoys receiving the magazine and recognises places he's worked at in the past. Great value for money and a quality magazine, would definately recommend it.
Dave Myers
Dave Myers loves Waterways World

It's the one I daydream away to when I'm reading it because I always have it in my head that I'd love a barge somewhere. I keep buying Waterways World just to look at the barges and dream. It’s my sneaky guilty pleasure – well, we’ve all got one, haven’t we?!

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