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10 issues / 12 months
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WHY BUY A SUBSCRIPTION TO Wanderlust Magazine?

With over twenty years of experience reporting on the travel industry, Wanderlust Travel magazine is bursting with fantastic insights, as well as giving you the low-down on the most exotic destinations.

The magazine combines in-depth practical information with breathtaking photography and award-winning editorial content, providing you with expert advice on everything from the best flight deals to health and visa requirements.

A subscription to Wanderlust Travel magazine will also give you access to some truly unique ideas about where to go, how to get there and what to see and do, plus how to find the best travel gear.


A subscription to Wanderlust Travel magazine is for independent-minded and adventurous travellers looking for world class information and advice about where to go, what to visit and how to get there.

As the UK's leading and longest-running specialist travel magazine, Wanderlust covers destinations near and far and combines in-depth practical information with breathtaking photography and award-winning editorial.

If you subscribe today Wanderlust will also send you a FREE £50 travel voucher towards your next trip, which you can redeem against a trip booking with a range of tour operators.

The emphasis of each issue is on wildlife, cultural and outdoor experiences, backed up with expert advice on everything from health requirements to getting the best flight deals.

Wanderlust Travel magazine is packed full of:

  • Trip inspiration - written by leading travel writers giving youplenty of ideas, itineraries and practical information to plan your next trip
  • Travel news - bringing you news of destinations around the world and events to keep you up-to-date
  • Reviews - on the best travel gear, travel books, around the world events and films
  • Competitions - to win trips, weekend breaks, books and travel gear
  • Ideas and tips - on a variety of topics such as alternative ideas for weekend breaks, advice on travel health and photography tips.
  • Celebrity interviews - with travel luminaries such as Michael
  • Palin, Bruce Parry and Dervla Murphy where they chat about their latest trip
  • Please note subscription can be cancelled at any time by contacting the publishers.

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I've been searching for a magazine like this for years. As someone not bothered with posh spa's and luxury all-inclusive resorts I've no interest in most travel magazines but Wanderlust is perfect for me. It covers all the places I intend to visit - Peru, South Africa and Thailand over the next few years - and really inspires you to get out there and explore.
Nicki Chapman
Nicki Chapman loves Wanderlust

I travel quite a bit with my job – taking couples on incredible journeys in search of a new life... that could be the other side of the world or just to the neighbouring county! But it has given me a real thirst for travel. There are lots of travel magazines out there, but I find Wanderlust to be the best. Why? Well, it feels as if it’s written by people really experiencing the thrill of travel, rather than someone sat in an office somewhere. It’s that passion that I’m after.

Nicki Chapman TV presenter