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British mountain climbers will love Trail magazine, with a comprehensive mixture of information, comments, gear tests and competitions to inspire your next adventure.
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Newsstand: £57.85

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With your subscription to Trail magazine you'll get all the news from the world of British climbing, as well as exciting interviews with mountaineering personalities and reviews of the latest products.

There are great features on UK activities such as 'bothying' in Scotland, with some pieces venturing farther afield to explore volcano walking in Iceland and beyond.

The monthly bushcraft section will get you unleashing your inner Ray Mears, and experts give advice on everything from fitness training to useful camping recipes.

Finally, every issue contains twelve route ideas, each with a description, step by step guide and pull-out map to set you off on your next challenge.


A Trail magazine subscription , your inspirational walking guide - full of routes, advice and reviews. Trail magazine that brings the Spirit of Adventure to your home. Bringing you everything you need to get out there. The routes, the gear and the advice. If you want to enjoy the mountains and hills it's easier than you think and we bring it to you every month.

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excellant magazine,very informative articles.can't wait to get out again.
Great magazine, great ideas for walks, as soon as i get it everything stops so i can read it..
Excellent! For anyone who comes to life in the great outdoors this magazine is a must! Varied and useful articles, it really is fantastic!
Great Mag, with excellent light hearted and in depth articles and advice for the more adventurous walker (or those aspiring to be:) ). Full to the brim with great walks, advice and tips. Every issue makes me want to grab my rucksack and tent and head for the hills
Great magazine with superb articles! Shame that they dont offer better discounts if you subscribe!
great mag educational and topical makes me want to head for the hills
trail magazine is ace, at top of there game
Fantastic hillwalking mag. Every issue makes me want to grab the pack and maps.