The Personal Barber Classic Wet Shave

The Personal Barber Classic Wet Shave cover

For the manly gentleman that appreciates the benefits of doing things right.

Discover shaving the way it's meant to be done with a classic double-edge safety razor and silky soft shaving brush.

No more multi-bladed space cartridges promising to vibrate your hairs and do your dishes. The best shave is with a no-nonsense single blade, held at the correct angle, combined with skin-loving creams and balms.

Making the switch to classic tools takes a few shaves to get used to but, once you do, it's the best decision you'll ever make. Turn your morning chore into a satisfying ritual that leaves you smooth as a baby's bum without any irritation or burn.

Never used one before? We feature step by step instructions to have you mastering your technique in no time.

Inside the kit you'll get:
- Our signature chrome safety razor
- Our signature synthetic hair shaving brush
- Jojoba Shaving Cream
- Handmade Barbershop Pre-shave Oil
- Blade Safe
- 10 replacement DE blades (enough for 30 to 70 shaves)

Delivery: Boxes sent next working day and take 2-5 working days

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