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Each issue of Runner's World magazine is packed with helpful tips for runners of all standards, and inspirational content to to help you reach your goals.  Whether you're training for a charity 5km or attempting to get in shape for your next marathon, you'll find bespoke training advice from industry professionals, as well as comprehensive buying tips for all of the essential gear. There's tons of motivational interviews with runners from around the UK, and in-depth guides on how to prevent injuries, enhance your technique and improve your pace. Subscribe to Runner's Magazine today, and join one of the largest and most established running communities in the UK.


Whether you're a beginner or an old hand, take out a subscription to Runner’s World magazine and we'll show you- how to train and race better, how to eat healthier and stay injury-free, and how to choose the best shoes and equipment.. in every issue of your subscription.

Runner’s World magazine is the UK’s largest running magazine packed full of articles aimed to give friendly, authoritative ‘how to’ advice and inspiration to all levels of runner. Don’t miss out on this excellent magazine, take out a subscription today.

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Back in the early eighties, I used to love RW until it dawned on me one day I was rereading the same things again and again. You'll never progress beyond being a mere jogger and become a real runner until you start to think for yourself. And, sadly, that means saying goodbye to RW and teaching yourself the basics of exercise physiology instead. I recommend Astrand and Rodahl.
I'm about to renew my subscription as I think this is a great magazine. I am certainly not a super-fit runner - I jog rather than run - but find it informative and entertaining, and the benefit of being able to subscribe online and access the forums and other useful info makes this subscriptino worth it alone. Definitely buy it if you're into/thinking of taking up running.
I look forward to the time when the magazine arrives as it is always full of useful information, along with stories from runners of all abilities. The magazine always remains fresh, and never comes across as tired and repetitive which must be difficult to achieve.
I like Runners's World. I'm a jogger rather than a runner and sometimes it's hard to keep motivated. That's where Runner's World comes in. It's not just aimed at the serious athlete (although there's lots in there for them too). The articles are varied and never too long and I always look forward to getting it every month. It's a magazine that is definitely worth subscribing to. To accompanying website has lots of great content, but the best content is only available to subscribers.
Repetitive guff, churned over month after month
Excellent magazine, very informative and provides motivation in itself to keep on running!
Russell Howard
Russell Howard loves Runner's World

I’ve found running to be really good for brushing off the cobwebs of life. It’s quite addictive, but you do still need a boost and flicking through the pages of something like Runner’s World can often get me reaching for my trainers. It’s packed full of good advice, inspiration PBs, health, clothing and information on upcoming races, and is a must for anyone serious about pounding the pavements.

Russell Howard Comedian
James Cracknell
James Cracknell loves Runner's World

When I was rowing professionally I didn’t have that much time to devote to running, but when I retired it freed up much more time and I just love getting out there and putting the miles in. Runners World is the type of magazine that really understands the freedom that it is to be a runner, and there are so many stories to share with other runners of any ability, plus information on upcoming races and everything from hill climbing to getting your diet right.

James Cracknell Former Olympian
Paula Radcliffe
Paula Radcliffe loves Runner's World

The increase in the popularity of running always makes me feel happy, and there is now so much sports science that goes into running magazines, even for those who are starting out for the first time. There are lots of slightly different running magazines on the market, but personally I’ve always liked Runners’ World magazine. Rather than divide based on gender, or even ability, it offers a really broad selection of advice, from how to stay injury free to hitting that PB to doing other bits of exercise that complement you as a runner. I know for any runner wanting to get the most out of what they do, absorbing every last bit of information is vital, and Runners’ World is packed full of advice and information.

Paula Radcliffe World champion runner