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The perfect magazine for music lovers looking for something with a contemporary twist, Rolling Stone covers politics, celebrities and culture as well as the world's greatest music. Read more

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This magazine is the pop culture bible for music fans who also care about staying informed on world events.

Rolling Stone has run some truly legendary stories, interviews and photoshoots over the years and can still make headlines today, so if you want a magazine with an impressive political history as well as impeccable music taste, a subscription is definitely for you.

You'll get exclusive access to the biggest names in music, film and television, as well as in-depth reports on important issues from financial ethics to drug laws.

You can also enjoy album and concert reviews and all the news from festivals across America and beyond.

From the publisher

Rolling Stone remains one of the most famous brands in the world. Rolling Stone magazine features all the latest news, reviews, interviews with major Rock bands, gossip from the USA, as well as covering serious topics such as global warming and War. Rolling Stone magazine is the chronicle of more than one generation, covering music, celebrities, politics and pop culture. Each issue of your Rolling Stone magazine subscription features the very best reviews of music, film and books written with style, wit and humor. Stay informed with the up-and-coming artists, as well as the new works of pop icons with each issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Rolling Stone sets the pace of what's hot in the music world.

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Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers


"Aspiring to be in Rolling Stone magazine was something myself and my musicians dreamed of when we were growing up. To be able to do that now is quite an achievement for me, but I’d still be buying the magazine anyway as it takes the coolest look at everything in the industry. It’s evolved over the years so it isn’t just a rock title anymore, and I think it’s had to do that to reflect the fact there are so many popular genres. But whether it’s pop or jazz or something electronic, Rolling Stone has always been the title I’ll head to first."

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams

Game of Thrones actress

"I love magazines that are a bit quirky and unconventional. I love the idea of street culture and this comes through in a lot of the stuff that I read, and so much of that is expressed in music and sound. So for that reason I’d probably head towards Rolling Stone – quality culture that dates back decades."

Pat Monahan

Pat Monahan

Lead singer of Train

"Rolling Stone played a massive part in my upbringing – it shaped and informed me and my music, and made me really clear on the direction I wanted my music to take. I look at it now and it’s still working hard to showcase the absolute best at music and the true geniuses behind songwriting. To continue to champion these great names, but to do it in a way that’s original and completely engaging... well, that’s not easy."


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