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This music magazine is a complete guide to piano playing for musicians of all levels, with loads of sheet music and detailed tutorials included in every issue.
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Whether you enjoy playing the piano in your spare time or have made a career out of performing, Pianist magazine has features and articles to appeal to anyone who loves the instrument, regardless of ability.

You'll read inspiring interviews with the world’s best players, exploring their careers and training, and the reviews of instruments and accessories help you choose the right pieces for you.

With your subscription, you'll also receive plenty of pages of sheet music covering everything from classical music to jazz, with features on technique and effective practice to help you keep improving as well as a CD of all the featured pieces making it easy to listen and learn.


If you love the piano, then a subscription to the Pianist magazine is for you.

Pianist magazine is the magazine for people who love to play the piano. Apart from all the top features and reviews you’d expect from a top music publication, each issue contains approx 40 pages of sheet music, from classical to jazz.

There’s a specially recorded CD that comes with every issue of Pianist magazine, so that you can get to hear the pieces before you play them.

There are many articles inside our pages that aim to help readers improve their playing. For those readers who need expert advice on particular technical problems, there’s always Tim Stein to answer your questions in his much-loved ‘Q&A’ column.

It’s a magazine to read, to hear and to play!

Your Subscription will begin with the next available issue. Please expect delivery in the next 4-6 weeks.

having had this magazine previously i was very impressed with the amount of sheet music and the disc that allows you to listen to it beforehand the magazine contents also are good but could do with a few less adverts