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51 issues / 12 months
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25 issues / 6 months
Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Gift Card
51 issues / 12 months
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Bringing you all you need to know to keep up-to-date with the juiciest gossip from the world of celebrity, OK! magazine is for anyone who's mad about Madge or crazy about Kate Middleton.

Covering everything from babies to boyfriends, break-ups to bikini bodies, an OK! magazine subscription will give you the inside scoop on the biggest stories, with a glossy mix of exclusive interviews, wedding photoshoots and snaps of your favourite singers, actors and reality TV stars on the red carpet, on holiday and on the move.

Plus, you'll find fashion and beauty features and the latest television and film reviews in every issue.


OK! magazine is world famous for its exclusive celebrity interviews, glamorous photo shoots and the scoop on all of the latest gossip in the world of showbiz and entertainment. If you subscribe today, you will have every celeb-packed issue delivered directly to your door, every week.

The magazine's tag line is ''first for celebrity news'' because it covers all of the most-talked about celebrities, before any other weekly magazine.

OK! Magazine is most well-known for its coverage of celebrity weddings. Some of its biggest wedding exclusives were David and Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and of course, Jordan and Peter André.

Originally launched as a monthly publication, the first issue of OK! Magazine was published in 1993, but soon it was turned into the weekly magazine we all recognize today. OK! Magazine is the best-selling celebrity gossip magazine in the UK, with 30 million readers worldwide and appearing in 19 different countries.

Your Subscription will begin with the next available issue. Please expect delivery in the next 2-4 weeks.

great mag lots of great stories, and fabulous pictures recomended.
Great mag. Love getting it every week to keep up to date
Great magazine, I read it all cover to cover. Everything in it is interesting to me.
Always delivered on time. Look foward to reading magazine.
Hi There:\n\nWe love the OK! magazine and will continue with the subscription. The problem we have is with the delivery which may be related to the US Postal Service. The magazine often arrives late (like two issues may arrive in one week) and once so far it did not arrive at all. Kindly look into this matter.\n\nThanks and best regards, Shanaz and Alfred Nickesen
I have been having OK delivered now for some time, always on time, alot cheaper and nice having it directly delivered to you. Never having to worry about it selling out. Also a great read.
OK magazine is a fab gift to buy for friends & family.
OK! magazine is amazing!!
this is awsome
What more can you want from a high quality weekly magazine - lots of pictures as well for those less inclined or able to read the words.
Hi..How i can get a copy souviner of william and kate's wedding in hello or Ok mag..
Well if you love an easy read with some great pictures, this is the mag for you. I love my subscription to OK! and it comes on time EVERY week.
I really like this magazine, as it has great stories and up-to-date celebrity gossip
Fab magazine - now addicted to My OK mag on a Wednesday!
My favourite of all the mags. Long may it reign.
I keep renewing mine, i get addicted to wednesday delivery!
Great pictures
I would not miss it for the world, I look forward to Wednesday when its delivered and I sit down with a coffee and indulge in all the gossip!! Excellent
Can't wait for a Wednesday when I know my OK will be waiting on the door mat when I get home from work! All the up-to-date Celeb Gossip....GREAT.
Just renewed my subscription, great buy, dont want to miss a copy
i like the ok
i love this mag so good
best magazin ever
i find it intersting because i like to know what goes on with all the 'hot' celebrities
ok roxs
luvin ok!
excellent - never miss it - even on holidays abroad i find it and buy it A*
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt loves OK!

I love the photo shoots in OK! magazine. They are brilliantly done and you sense there is a real trust between the celebrity and the photographer. And no matter how much celebrity news there is to cover these days, you always sense that the choices are correct in OK! and there is nothing held back, be that in showbiz or fashion, or anything else.

Jennifer Love Hewitt American actress, producer & director
Chloe Madeley
Chloe Madeley loves OK!

Even celebs are interested in celeb culture and I love to read about the latest parties, events and shows. OK! seem to have photographers in every corner of London and have access to all the big interviews. And it’s so rich in material it’s the kind of mag I’ll sit down and browse my way through over the course of a week.

Chloe Madeley TV personality
Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton loves OK!

For me it’s always been a battle between Hello! and OK! For celebrity gossip they are both great magazines which have a finger on the celebrity pulse like no others. That’s not to say I haven’t wished I’d not been in the in the past, but I know lots of my friends swear by what’s going on in them, and what they do well, they do very well.

Emma Bunton Singer
Karina Smirnoff
Karina Smirnoff loves OK!

I read OK! each week for its mix of celebrity gossip, style and fashion. There’s always a revelation breaking in there and I want to be one of the first to find out what it is!

Karina Smirnoff Dancing With The Stars performer