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If you're fascinated by the latest scientific developments and want answers to some of your burning questions, then New Scientist magazine is a great weekly mag for you.

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51 issues / 12 months
51 issues / 12 months

WHY BUY A SUBSCRIPTION TO New Scientist Magazine?

Each issue of this fascinating science and nature magazine is packed full of detailed and insightful articles that delve deeper into the scientific developments that matter, as well as a number of entertaining opinion pieces and honest reader letters.

A New Scientist magazine subscription gives you a weekly update across a range of different subject matters, with everything from climate change to the big bang explained and critiqued by a team of expert journalists, all in an easy-to-follow format that makes staying informed a pleasure.

You'll also get access to the exclusive online environment, featuring lively blogs and a comprehensive jobs section giving you an in-road into a career in science or technology.


A New Scientist magazine subscription will keep you up-to-date with the latest scientific and technological news, innovations and ideas in the exciting, ever-changing world of science - from the wonderful, the worrying, to the downright weird. New Scientist is the world´s leading science and technology weekly magazine. With in-depth articles, cogent analysis and informed, entertaining comment, New Scientist is essential reading if you really want to get behind the headlines. Every issue advertises hundreds of jobs in science from all around the world. Founded in 1956, New Scientist now has UK, US and Australian editions and is read by both scientists and non-scientists, as a way of keeping track of developments outside their own fields of study or areas of interest. The magazine also regularly includes features, news and commentary on environmental issues, such as climate change. With a subscription to New Scientist you can also enjoy FREE unlimited access to the entire content of - including breaking news, features, blogs and archived articles.

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Great magazine with good coverage. With New Scientist and Nature you will have all important sci covered.
Great magazine with good coverage. With New Scientist and Nature you will have all important sci covered.
A splendid mixture of short news items and longer articles, along with a few book reviews and a couple of perennial columns. Being weekly, the news is pretty up-to-date, and subscribers also get full access to the excellent website. My copy gets delivered regularly on the Thursday before the publication date. Highly recommended. Oh - and it's /the/ source of science job ads in the UK.
Excellent magazine. Superb written articles, indepth and professionally written. Excellent job sectiopn at the back. A must for anyone in the industry.
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais loves New Scientist

New Scientist magazine is a great read. My first love was science and nature – things that never change, and those things have provided a great inspiration in my life and my work. I studied biology at university, although the 40 hours per week was a bit much for me, to be honest, so I switched to philosophy (just the seven hours). But why do I love science? Well, we’re still the same as we were 10,000 years ago - we’re still that man who came out of a cave and worried about being eating, and mating, and eating, and keeping warm. We’re still that animal. I love delving into science magazines and New Scientist has such a legacy behind it. That said, I don’t think you ‘read’ a science magazine, you ‘invest’ in it. In other words, you need the time to scrutinise every word – you can’t skim read a feature on the Hadron Collider.

Ricky Gervais Comedy Genius
Stephen Merchant
Stephen Merchant loves New Scientist

I’ve always loved my golf and enjoy playing in tournaments. A bit like snooker, it’s a game that has to be built over time and Golf Monthly always offers players great advice, whether it’s improving their stance, being more accurate on the green or just choosing the right pair of shoes! It’s all about going out on the course and feeling confident and relaxed in what you do.

Stephen Merchant Writer and comedian
Ben Miller
Ben Miller loves New Scientist

Science has always been a guilty pleasure and delving into New Scientist when I have a bit of free time and a strong coffee on the go is something I love doing. People always talk about the precision of the articles and the depth of knowledge from writers, and I love that.

Ben Miller Comedian and science writer
Steve Backshall
Steve Backshall loves New Scientist

Years ago I used to read New Scientist just to see the fantastic array of jobs that exist in the magazine. These days it’s to research everything from pharmaceutics to space to physics, because it’s so broad and offers so much. And I know many magazines will reference the standard of their journalism, but every word is scrutinised in New Scientist, so you know what’s written is absolutely on the money. It would ridiculous to say I’m interested in everything in the magazine, but there’s always an article or two that I can really delve into and discover something I didn’t previously know.

Steve Backshall Wildlife Presenter
Nitin Sawhney
Nitin Sawhney loves New Scientist

New Scientist is my favourite magazine. I don’t think many people would expect that of a music producer. But I'm really interested in that side of things - the changes and developments in theoretical physics. I’ve been interested in that for about 30 years. I'm obsessed with what's going on at the Large Hadron Collider - all very boring stuff but fascinating to me, and New Scientist quenches my thirst for that and so much more in the world of science. It’s an absorbing read.

Nitin Sawhney DJ and music producer