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Guitarists will love the interviews with music legends in every issue of this magazine, and with free tabs and tutorials included, it's also the best way to pick up some licks and riffs from the experts.
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Newsstand: £74.75

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Great reading for dedicated guitarists, this music magazine has regular reviews of new guitars and all the equipment that goes along with them.With your subscription to Guitarist magazine, you can read stories from industry insiders and interviews with professional musicians. If you're looking to pick up a new guitar to add to your collection, they've got loads of expert reviews to help you decide, along with some seriously special features on instruments most of us can only dream of owning.You'll learn loads of new songs too, with tablature for music from several different genres making sure you find new challenges every month.


A subscription to Guitarist magazine is ideal for anyone interested in both electric and acoustic guitar playing.

Guitarist is the longest established UK guitar magazine, offering gear reviews, artist interviews and techniques lessons, tips and tricks.

A Guitarist magazine subscription covers both electric and acoustic guitar playing and each month has a comprehensive reviews section covering the definitive guitars and gear that have released that month.

The magazine also covers both low- mid- and high-end products for the expensive and rare instrument. In addition to the guitars, amplifiers and accessories, the magazine regularly reviews electric basses.

Guitarist offers the world’s most authoritative guitar, amplifier and effects reviews, plus a CD or DVD every month. As 'the guitar buyer's bible', Guitarist enthuses, informs and entertains. Want to know more about guitars or the guitar market? Choose Guitarist and subscribe today!

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I decided to subscribe to the Guitarist magazine last April. Apart from a somewhat long gap between ordering the magazine and the arrival of the first issue, I have been extremely pleased with the content of the monthly journal and also the flawless delivery, since the delivery of the first edition. I shall seriously consider renewing my subscription.
Naveen Andrews
Naveen Andrews loves Guitarist

I love my guitar magazines – such as Guitarist. I’ve always had a passion for the guitar and have been playing it since I was 12. So I’ve got a really deep interest in not only the music itself but the instrument as well. Guitarist is really thorough in what it offers, and really celebrates the skill and craft of the instrument.

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