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13 issues / 12 months
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13 issues / 12 months
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Unlike other car magazines, we do more than just road-test. We take the cars that you want to read about to the most extreme and exciting locations, bringing you ambitious motoring adventures in the way only Top Gear knows how. Whether it’s a first-drive, group-test or long-term review, the Top Gear team of experts drive and rate every new car that matters. Combine our reviews with a comprehensive data section, and TopGear magazine is your perfect guide for buying a new car.

And now the new stars of TGTV – Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc, Sabine Schmitz, Eddie Jordan, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and, of course… The Stig – will all feature regularly in the magazine.

Over the year, we bring you special editions, including our annual Top Gear magazine Awards, dedicated movie specials, our ‘Performance Car of the Year’ issue and ‘Affordable Hero’ car-buying guide. Every subscriber will also receive free covermount gifts, such as our stunning Supercars Calendar; exciting supplements, such as our Retro and Deluxe specials; and exclusive offers from the world of Top Gear.

Get your Top Gear fix each and every month (well, actually even more, as you get 13 issues a year!) with a subscription to the greatest motoring magazine on the planet...

Included in a subscription:

• The planet’s hottest cars, with everything from mind-blowing supercars to family SUVs

• Packed full of motoring entertainment, latest releases, cool car culture and exciting news

• TopGear team of experts drive and rate every new car that matters

• Stories from new TGTV stars – Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc, Sabine Schmitz, Eddie Jordan, Chris Harris and Rory Reid

• Ambitious motoring adventures in the way only TopGear knows how

• Regular free gifts and special editions

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I enjoy Top Gear magazine and the fact that it's delivered to the door means I get it regularly so it keeps me up to date with any new cars and innovations. I renewed my subscription because it's a cracking good read and is as funny as it is informative.
I enjoy having my Top gear magazine delivered monthly, it's a great deal and saves a fortune!
i think this is a great mag especially with the info at the back telling about all the cars
Tiff Needell
Tiff Needell loves BBC Top Gear

Top Gear has had a bit of a chequered ride over the past couple of years but the show, and the magazine, still remains top class. There are now so many car titles vying for interest in a crowded market, but BBC Top Gear always assumes the highest and most stylish echelon of how four wheels can presented, with the latest news, great images and big name interviews. It remains a great, great magazine for motoring fans.

Tiff Needell Motoring journalist
Benoit Assou-Ekotto
Benoit Assou-Ekotto loves BBC Top Gear

Okay, so I love my cars. I’m a footballer, after all. I have lots of magazines around my house. If I had to choose which one I like best it’s probably Top Gear magazine. I love that show and the magazine is a fantastic read. They have a good mix of supercars and then the more ordinary varieties. And it has a good sense of humour too. Some motoring magazines can be too serious, I think. This one isn’t!

Benoit Assou-Ekotto Tottenham and Cameroon footballer