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WHY BUY A SUBSCRIPTION TO Amateur Gardening Magazine?

Packed with practical suggestions and expert tips, a subscription to this gardening magazine also includes exciting special offers and free seed samples.

It's great tile if you're an amateur gardener who enjoys simple, hands on advice about what plants to buy and how best to nurture them.

There’s expert inside knowledge from well-known specialists including Bob Flowerdew and Anne Swithinbank, giving you access to gardening tips you can trust.

This is the gardening mag for anyone who wants clear information and weekly inspiration on how to make the most of their treasured green spaces.


Amateur Gardening is Britain's best-selling gardening weekly. Packed with practical hints and tips, expert advice, topical news and features like grow, cook and eat have helped it become the best-performing weekly gardening magazine. Amateur Gardening's big-name writers include Bob Flowerdew, Anne Swithinbank and Peter Seabrook.

A subscription to Amateur Gardening magazine will provide you with Britain's most popular weekly gardening magazine.

Amateur Gardening is packed with practical hints, tips, advice, reviews, special offers and free seeds.

Amateur Gardening magazine also features some of the most trusted names in gardening, including Anne Swithinbank, Peter Seabrook and Bob Flowerdew. Amateur Gardening's big-name writers also include Charlie Dimmock, Chris Beardshaw, Pippa Greenwood and Monty Don.

This magazine will not only give you the names of plants and where to get them, it also gives the right kind of treatment you need to give your plants.

A subscription to Amateur Gardening magazine is the best reference source for the amateur gardener who loves to garden in their spare time. It has a wealth of information and solutions to problems. For basic gardening advice and key tips to a successful garden, it has got to be Amateur gardening magazine.

Amateur Gardening magazine is a must read for both new and experienced gardeners, don't miss out - subscribe today.

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I find it helpful to have a weekly reminder of what needs doing I have always found something of use in every magazine received
Diarmuid Gavin
Diarmuid Gavin loves Amateur Gardening

Amateur Gardening is my favourite gardening title for those who are finding their way in the garden. It can certainly be daunting to be greeted by a blank green space but by taking ideas one at a time you can build your way towards creating something really special outside. Amateur Gardening has lots of expert opinion and takes the time to highlight the classic mistakes that the early gardener might make, explaining clearly how to avoid them! I’d recommend it every time.

Diarmuid Gavin BBC Garden designer