Dentists Call to End Office ‘Cake Culture’

If you thought 2016 was bad, now the great and the good of the dentistry world are trying to stop you having sweet treats in the workplace…

Someone’s birthday, after the securing of a large deal, a Tuesday – all these are some of the acceptable times at which cake can be consumed in the office in large quantities. For the Faculty of Dental Surgery, however, the desire for sugar to get us through the day is a real problem, and they have decided that in 2017 we should neither have our cake, nor eat it.

"While these sweet treats might be well meaning, they are also contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health," says Professor Hunt, dean of the Royal College of Surgeons. “We need a culture change in offices and other workplaces that encourages healthy eating and helps workers avoid caving in to sweet temptations such as cakes, sweets and biscuits."

The provided guidelines for making sure that slice of birthday cake doesn’t come back to haunt you later in the year include reducing portion size, considering low-sugar alternatives or keeping sugary treats tucked away out of sight – which is fine, just so long as you don’t work in a sweet-shop…

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