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Why Biscuits Make Life Better

Whether you’re happy or blue, relaxed or pushing through, nothing can brighten up your day like the humble biscuit.

Tea and sympathy is all well and good, but what is tea without biscuits? Nothing to dunk, nothing to nibble on, no hint of that crumbly, sugary joy. Here in Britain we love biscuits, we consume them by the tin load, and life would certainly be duller without them.

But what is it about them exactly that brings us such joy? For it is more than just flavour. For starters, they are part of the ritual of tea time. Whether you are on your own quietly contemplating life, or hosting a friend who has ‘just popped round for a cuppa’,  the biscuit is an essential element to the process. Perfectly proportioned, satisfying but not overwhelmingly decadent like cake, and divinely dunkable.

They also provide emotional support. At the end of a long stressful day, they are a small, but much appreciated treat. In times of heartache they are a reassuring comfort. And on days of celebration they are the much reached-for iced rings of happiness.

So next time you find yourself faced with a solo mug tea, don’t mistake that dull disappointment for an existential crisis… you probably just need a biscuit, silly.

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