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An easy to read fitness magazine for women, helping to make exercise fun. There's celebrity articles, health tips and handy guides to the latest workout gear. Read more

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You'll love the celebrity training and diet tips found in every issue of Your Fitness Magazine, with insider knowledge on how to shape your body to that A-lister standard.

There are dozens of articles on a number of health-related topics each month, including features on the latest super-foods and trendy diets, plus bespoke exercises to help you balance your time at the gym with your busy lifestyle.

You'll also find hundreds of exciting competitions and free gift giveaways, as well as regular buying guides to the latest fitness fashions and essential kit.

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If you're a woman passionate about fitness, then Your Fitness magazine, formerly Bodyfit, is made for you. Every issue of Your Fitness is crammed with exercise plans, training tips and inspiration from leading coaches, trainers and athletes - all designed to boost your fitness, performance and confidence. Whether you're a competitive sportswoman or a beginner to exercise, you'll find plenty to inspire you. From gym novices to seasoned marathon runners, we can all learn more about the best ways to stay on top of our game - and your monthly dose of Your Fitness will ensure your routine never gets stale.

by Laura
I am feeling so unhealthy post Christmas so BodyFit is the answer. BRing it on. Hubby's going to love it too (but he doesn't know that yet. Ha Ha.)

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