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Stay up to date with the most important events of the day with the in-depth reporting and influential opinion articles in The Times, before relaxing on the weekend with lifestyle supplements and debates in The Sunday Times.

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WHY BUY A SUBSCRIPTION TO The Times & The Sunday Times Newspapers?

As one of Britain’s top newspapers, The Times offers the latest breaking news stories, as well as thought-provoking features from top journalists such as Caitlin Moran, Giles Coren and David Aaronovitch.

The paper comes in a compact newspaper format, making it easier for you to read on your way to work or in busy public areas.

As well as carrying news from the previous week, The Sunday Times has acquired an excellent reputation as a lifestyle newspaper, with superb reviews and several free magazines. The Times and The Sunday Times newspaper subscription also offers a choice of digital or classic packs to suit your lifestyle. How it works

You will receive a set of vouchers in the post every 13 weeks. Just take them to the newsagents and present them instead of money. You will also be able to arrange up to five weeks of subscription holidays per year so that you do not pay for unwanted copies of The Times and The Sunday Times whilst you are away. In addition, The Times and The Sunday Times reserve the right to adjust the average price per month provided they give you written notice in advance.


Please note that the publishers stipulate a 12 month minimum term for all Direct Debit orders. There has never been a better time to join The Times and The Sunday Times. Choose the pack it suits your lifestyle whilst saving you money. In addition watch every goal from every Barclays Premier League game, at no extra cost for the whole season. When you join us, you will receive complimentary Times+ membership. Enjoy a wealth of events, offers and extras including complimentary film screenings, private views and expert talks. Join the more than 330,000 subscribers who are already enjoying the benefits of subscription as well as saving up to 55% off the cover price.

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I agree wholeheartedly with Dennis. 1 YEAR ago I tried to cancel my subscription but was met with an almost rude tone by a female senior manager with a very firm no. One of most prestigious leading newspapers in the country will accept our substanial subscriptions, but not allow us a direct phone number.
Worst newpaper voucher service ever! 'They' have now cancelled my direct debit for the 2nd time in error leaving me £40 in debt to the newsagent - again! Absoultely hopeless IT systems and custoemer service staff are no better - "our systems are poor and have made an error". They don't; people do. Don't give them your custom
Great paper, great value
Too cheap for the top newspaper, should charge more.
Times+ for free is too good to pass up
Really great offer, great value for money.
a very good offer but not flexible enough re holiday periods. Each day`s token is dated and so has to be used on that particular date. You can exchange a full week for holiday tokens but not part weeks
Vic Reeves
Vic Reeves loves The Times & The Sunday Times

Lounging about at the weekend with a newspaper is one of the very British pleasures we should all afford ourselves. I’ve done a few bits for The Times over the years and it’s a quality, in-depth newspaper, so I’d probably go for that.

Vic Reeves Comedian
Katy Brand
Katy Brand loves The Times & The Sunday Times

I do like the Sunday Times - it’s been a fixture of my life since I was about 11. I can’t actually manage Sunday unless I have the Sunday Times – I get a bit weird if I haven’t had it by about 11 o’clock... withdrawal symptoms and all that! Despite that I don’t have much loyalty to broadsheets. I think the Sunday Times stands apart because it’s so detailed and rich and authoritative. I believe almost every word... But there is so much to read these days and there is so much quality out there. We’re very lucky to have such a wide choice.

Katy Brand Comedienne
Eamonn Holmes
Eamonn Holmes loves The Times & The Sunday Times

As for newspapers, the Sunday papers, to me, represent an opportunity to sit down, pull open the sports sections, and lose myself for a few hours. The Sunday Times sports section is undoubtedly the best. I love my football and it’s about as thorough as you can get on that front.

Eamonn Holmes TV Presenter
Duncan Goodhew
Duncan Goodhew loves The Times & The Sunday Times

My weekend newspaper has always been really important to me. I think once you decide on one it becomes something of a routine and a pleasure. For me, The Sunday Times supplements are pretty unbeatable – a fantastic array of insight and information, and they often last you the week, too!

Duncan Goodhew Former British Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer