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This centuries old weekly magazine gives you access to some of the best writing on current affairs, politics, literature and culture, all brought to you by the country's finest freelance columnists. Read more

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Filled with political and cultural commentary from a number of leading left and right wing journalists, this news and current affairs magazine will keep you up to date on the world's most important talking points.

A Spectator magazine subscription will give you an intelligent and often satirical overview of contemporary British society, as well as reviews on the latest film releases and literary debuts.

In addition to receiving this leading publication to your door each week, you'll also get FREE access to the Spectator App on iPad, Iphone, Android and Kindle Fire,as well as invitations to a number of subscriber-only events, including wine tastings and exclusive debates. Please note the Wed ID to activate digital access will take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive with you. Your Web ID is the 8 digit number printed above your name and address on the slip of white paper that comes with your printed issue every week.

From the publisher

Love great writing? Then a subscription to The Spectator magazine is perfect for you! Inside every weekly issue you'll find the latest current affairs, politics, books, arts, life, laughter - everything that's big news!

The Spectator magazine has a 187-year history, having assembled Britain's greatest writers and entertaining, informing, delighting and infuriating its subscribers - and they make no apologies for doing so.

Something Spectator writers won't do is send you to sleep. They have the freedom to write exactly what they want. Their politics range from left to right, their circumstances from high life to low life. The most perceptive political analysis comes as standard. There is no party line, the sole allegiance is to originality of thought and elegance of expression. The result is a quality of argument not to be found in any other publication.

The likes of Matthew Parris, Charles Moore and Rod Liddle are regulars in the magazine. The literary pages are awash with the very best reviews, and the arts coverage gives the final word on Britain's galleries, shows and films. And all of this is spiced with the funniest cartoons in print.

Please note, any subscription cancellations will take effect at the end of the current term, a refund will not be given for any undelivered issues. Over Christmas and New Year subscriptions include a special triple issue which replaces three weekly issues.

by Edward
An extremely entertaining and provocative weekly magazine, predominantly covering politics and current affairs, but also the arts. It diffentiates itself from the competition by being iconoclastic, conservative, libertarian and anti-authoritarian. A great alternative read to the politically correct times in which we currently live.
by anonymous
A great read, i look forward to getting it every week. Very refreshing views, they're not afraid to take the 'unpopular' view, never seem to sit on the fence about anything and very funny! Definately recommended.
by anonymous
This is the most outspoken current affairs magazine of the day. Traditionally a Conservative mouthpiece, The Spectator still holds true to it's right-of-centre political position but is openly critical of the Tories at the same time.
Kevin Bishop

Kevin Bishop


"I did use The Spectator recently as a way of researching the style, delivery and mannerisms of Nigel Farage. After a while you come to understand that many in politics aren’t there because they are looking to further their careers, but because they have a genuine passion for making a difference, and in The Spectator there is quite a measured look towards that in terms of what is going on in politics and current affairs. Of course, there is a huge amount of satire, which suits me, and the overall impression that nothing should be taken too seriously… except, quite often, it really should!"

June Sarpong

June Sarpong

TV presenter

"I’ve always been interested in politics and I am keen to champion what can be quite a serious and stuffy subject to youngsters and those who perhaps feel disengaged with Westminster. A title like The Spectator offers a new angle on the political sphere. It’s heavily satirical whilst approaching and addressing key issues in how the country is run and how we should all be linking together to make it a better place."

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