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This global newspaper takes an informed and considered approach to all its reporting, making The Independent ideal for those who like to get all the facts and form their own opinions.
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If you want to stay up to date with the global issues hitting the headlines, subscribe to The Independent. This daily paper has a reputation for bringing you both sides of the story, with no open political affiliations and lots of contrasting opinion pieces. You'll get thoughtful writing on all the most important events happening around the world, with politics, business, sports, entertainment, education and technology all thoroughly discussed by knowledgeable journalists.

Our recent elegant re-design of The Independent differentiates the paper from its successful sibling, i, while playing to our historic strengths. These include powerful stories on the front pages, an international perspective, big and bold pictures, highly intelligent commentary and analysis – and a strong dose of mischief too.

The Voices section, still the best commentary pages in Britain but with new names, are now distributed through the paper, with editorials on page 2, the peerless Dave Brown on page 3, and new full-page columns on page 11 and 19.

The Independent’s redesign has also introduced a fresh Section 2, which features an exciting collection of smart and incisive generalist and specialist features, in addition to the Arts coverage.

We’re proud to offer you a superb new paper: true to our heritage, but also radical and innovative, as The Independent has always been.


Please note the minimum term for this subscription offer is 13 weeks and your bank account will be debited every month. The cost per week is £5, therefore the cost per month varies according to the number of days in the month. For a 5 week month you will be debited £25 and for a four week month you will be debited £20. The total cost for each 3 month period will always be £65. There will be a short lead time required to set up your Direct Debit. Take out a subscription to The Independent today and save almost 50% on the cost of your papers. - Enjoy the convenience of our pre-paid, personalised Independent vouchers, sent to you every three months. - Plus you'll get our new iPad app worth £9.99 per month, absolutely FREE! - Enjoy The Independent newspaper's award-winning content for less.

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The Independent newspaper is the only one I read. I find its coverage of news stories both from this country and overseas to be detailed and unbiased. The added bonus of having it delivered straight to my door made the decision to subscribe an easy one.
The Independent is my favorite newspaper, i love receiving it to my door every day. What a great reason to get out of bed!
Great to get my newspaper delivered everyday without leaving the house. Then used the £25 gift voucher to buy my girlfriend a magazine!!
The only newspaper I read. Coverage of major stories is unbiased and not full of unnecessary hype.
Jennie Bond
Jennie Bond loves The Independent

I simply love my newspapers. If I had to put them in order I’d go for The Independent, The Guardian and then the Daily Mail. I’m a passionate royal so I usually base my reading on which newspaper has the best royal content. The Daily Mail has traditionally been good, but recently I’ve gone more for The Independent because it offers a really nicely balanced view of things, and given that I’m someone who still writes newspaper articles, it pays to be informed and balanced!

Jennie Bond Former BBC Royal Correspondent
Rainer Becker
Rainer Becker loves The Independent

I like newspapers that give my restaurants good reviews! Actually, I do like The Independent, as you would expect, it’s very well balanced in its approach to the angle of a story, but also nicely balanced in the mix of news, arts, culture, sport, food and more.

I like a newspapers that invites me to make my own mind up, rather than lecture me to the extent it’s trying to tell me what to think – The Independent is a title you feel you can trust.

Rainer Becker Restaurateur
Simon Calder
Simon Calder loves The Independent

Well for the fact I write for its magazine, The Traveller, I will of course say The Independent. But it is a fantastic newspaper, a mainstay of British culture, yet a title that is regarded and recognised the world over. In terms of The Traveller and the other titles and sections that the paper carries, I think it succeeds superbly well in opening up all of those elements of discovery to readers, so that they can immerse themselves in those other areas as well as getting a concise and honest appraisal of what’s going on news-wise across the world.

Simon Calder BBC travel expert