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If you want all the juiciest gossip about who's making out, making up or hitting the town, you need a subscription to Star magazine.

You'll find out about the latest diet and fitness regimes sweeping Hollywood, and get the style secrets of all your favourite celebs. Actors, WAGS, reality stars and singers share their opinions on everything from clothes and baby names to their fears and insecurities, letting you in on the people behind the makeup.

With your subscription, you'll also have access to film, book and music reviews, as well as TV talk pages and listings, so you'll never miss out on anything entertaining happening on screen or off.


A Star magazine subscription is essential to keep you updated on the celebrity world!

Star magazine is a bold and sassy woman’s weekly magazine with exclusive, unposed pictures that show celebrities enjoying life to the full in their own environment.

A Star magazine subscription is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to in the know on all the showbiz gossip, entertainment news and latest fashion and beauty trends. Star magazine provides all the latest scandals and celebrity news, with exclusive interviews with the stars and behind the scenes photoshoots.

Star magazine includes many lifestyle features - horoscopes, expert advice on health & beauty and full TV & film listings for the young woman on the go!

A Star magazine subscription is all you need for your weekly gossip fix!

Your Subscription will begin with the next available issue. Please expect delivery in the next 4-6 weeks.

Great for Celb gossip!
I just love star magazine I try to get it every week and just love reading all the pages it has to hold and my fave pages are the fashion pages i just love reading about Cheryl and Girls Aloud and other top storys. I olso love reading what is happening to alex read in his collums him and katy are great togther. I love friends and I am a leo and since I started reading this magazine I have found that 2 friends stars are leos like me. I just love your magazine and if I was asked to rate it 100/100 it is the best ever!
Great goss, cheap and weekly!!
Great magazine for a great price and great for catching up on my favourite american celebs in hollywood star!!!!!
i love star! its cheaper than heat, and I think its better too...i bought heat once after becoming a star reader and just didn't enjoy it as much! its got a good mix of celeb gossip, beauty, fashion and diet tips. even my husband has a good flick through it when he thinks I'm not looking!
I love Star, there is so much great info and the price is right!
Great magazine, lots of info for a cheap price.
star is amazing. :)
alot better than heat and cheaper
I like star mag, but less of Jade Goody please!
I like star mag, but less Jade Goody please!
the best
its better than heat and cheaper!
Lesley Joseph
Lesley Joseph loves Star

I have always loved picking up the gossip mags. When ‘Birds of a Feather’ first started there were hardly any of these magazines around. Now we’re back with the stage show of the sitcom, we’ve been reflecting on how things have changed, and certainly the number of magazines out there now is incredible. I like Star because it’s not too bitchy, it’s entertaining, and it keeps the stories brief and to the point. Oh, and you know you’re not missing out on any of the gossip!

Lesley Joseph Birds of a Feather Actress
Amy Willerton
Amy Willerton loves Star

Gossip, gossip, gossip - that’s all I’m really after. I just love knowing what's going on and who is with who. There are obviously loads of good mags for that, but I’ve always found Star the best. It’s fun, light-hearted, but crammed full of good stories.

Amy Willerton Winner of 'Signed by Katie Price'