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Shares magazine is a weekly publication aimed at the serious private investor, and can help you make the most out of your investment during these volatile times.

Written by industry experts – our Editor, Russ, has 18 years experience within the industry, most recently Managing Director of UBS – we can help guide you on where the markets are going, not just report on what has happened. Every article in Shares features actionable content and suggestions for trades to make you a profit with our famous BUY, SELL recommendations.

Shares magazine covers much, much more than stocks and shares. Each week you get comprehensive coverage, guidance and analysis on listed companies from FTSE, AIM and PLUS markets, as well as industry insight from the people that count in our Griller interviews, features, sector reports, funds, charts & trend spotting, Forex updates and analysis, commodities news, small caps and more. We also provide instruction and insight into instruments including ETFs, CFDs and spread betting to help you make profit regardless of market trends.

As well as all of this, each issue has a comprehensive cover story and a feature section reflecting the latest, most critical areas of discussion as they happen.

In addition subscribers get:

Unlimited access to Shares archive editions

Fantastic investment tools including:

LIVE Shares Prices

Customisable watch list with LIVE share prices (Free to subscribers, normally £120 a year)

Portfolio manager to track your investments

Fund selector and prices

Intraday and historic charts

Latest broker forecasts with alerts

Latest Directors deals with alerts

Live market news/commentary from the Shares team

Fundamentals and investor tools to carry out in depth company research

Access to over 20 FREE daytime and evening investment events

Educational investment videos

Fantasy Investment game to test your investment theories

and much, much, more ……!

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This is a fantastic magazine, I have been reading it for over a year now and it has given me a great insight into how to trades the markets (and made me a lot of money on their tips!) Highly recommended - a must for anyone serious about investing.