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From the publisher

The untold stories behind the world’s most notorious crimes

Real Crime magazine explores the shocking world of serial killers, organised crime, unsolved mysteries and daring heists in unrivalled detail.

Every issue of Real Crime reveals the untold stories behind the world’s most gripping cases, the breathtaking experiences of investigators and survivors, and blow-by-blow accounts of how lawbreakers were finally brought to justice.

Regular Features

Serial Killers: Follow in the nightmare footsteps of some of the world’s most infamous mass murderers with all-new insight and stomach-churning detail.

Organised Crime: Discover the golden age of the mob, the big characters and unbelievable stories that inspired the blockbusters.

Unsolved Case: Examine the evidence that stumped the cops with our forensic crime scene reconstruction and see if you can shed some light on a mystery.

Briefing: Inside the secret world of gangs and cartels, from their bloody origins to the unflinching codes of honour that keep them on top.

Minute by Minute: Read a breathtaking blow-by-blow account of a heist or hijacking, with gruesome graphics and no-holds-barred detail.

Face-to-Face: A leading investigator, ex-con or eyewitness reveals their first-hand account of the crimes that rocked the headlines.

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