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The ultimate companion to all things TV and radio, guiding you through the best programmes on over 85 digital TV and radio channels.

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The delivery post code that you enter will ensure you receive the correct region of Radio Times (Please note overseas subscriptions are only for the London edition)

Get a subscription to Radio Times magazine, the ultimate TV and radio guide - it is the very best way for you to catch the week's essential digital TV and radio, with clearer listings, brighter features and inspiring choices.Plus there are great recommendations for the week's unmissable music, DVDs and downloads!

Wherever your interests lie, a Radio Times magazine subscription will help you find your perfect programme on one of over 85 digital TV and radio channels every week. The simple and easy-to-understand TV listings and inspiring recommendations mean you'll have no trouble discovering those hidden gems. Plus there are exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the business for you to enjoy, behind-the-scenes specials providing fascinating insights into the nation's favourite programmes and exclusive photo shoots which you'll only see in Radio Times magazine.

Radio Times magazine was founded back in 1923 as a response to newspaper boycotts of radio listings amid fears that people would then listed to the news on the radio instead of buying newspapers. Also, until the deregulation of television listings in 1991 Radio Times magazine only carried information for BBC channels whilst ITV published their own listings in TVTimes.

At one time, Radio Times magazine had the largest circulation in Europe and to this day is the most comprehensive source of UK radio listings in print.

by Irene
I receive r.times on subscription from my daughter. Fine... I enjoy this magazine, but I was getting the London edit which is now been changed to south west. Do you do south EAST?
by Peter
Radio Times is a must have for me. iSUBSCRIBE offered a competitive price, it was easy to set up, works well. Arrives every, that's it ,
by Noel
Great Value? I think not!! But still the best listings mag out there, not soaps-dominated like the freebies.
by David
It's brilliant. THE definitive listings guide.
by Eva
Is this a great deal or what? I love Radio Times. You can't beat it.
by Rob
We have been reading the Radio Times for many years. It's a great mag, though a bit pricey. The I-subscribe deal has reduced the cost significantly, and the weekly delivery by post has been totally reliable
by Andy
The Radio Times is a British institution, and is worth every penny. If you want cheap tat, go elsewhere. If you want the best - buy the Radio Times. Simple as. End of story...
by Louise
The Radio Times is definitely superior to other TV listings magazines as it offers interesting stories which aren't all about soap operas! The listings are very clear and I like the Pick of The Day feature. Wouldn't buy anything else!
by Susan
I have bought the Radio Times every week for many years as I think it is so much more than a programmes listing magazine. I listen to Radio 4 most of the day and I look forward to receiving my new issue through the post every Tuesday.
by Vanessa
This seems expensive compared with other TV listing mags but you get what you pay for and this is so much better than the others,
by Darren
Totally comprehensive listings for all tv and satellite channels. Interviews are fab and the sheer volume of information is a must for avid tv fans you are sure never to miss anything!
by Richard
I love the radio times. I find that without it I miss so many programmes that I would otherwise have watched. Each week I go through and set up to record everything I want.
by anonymous
i love the radio times,especially the letters page,and the puzzles pag which challenge my brain!there is detailed information about many new programmes and series.also shorter bullet points about shows.i also love the soaps page.
by Fred
You can't beat Radio Times for the comprehensive and detailed cover needed in the multichannel era. The film guide has no comparison and is simply the best around.
The essential for Christmas viewing - even if the programmes aren't up to much!
by anonymous
Good detail. Would prefer the radio and TV info for the same day to be consecutive rather than in diffeent parts of the magazine.
by anonymous
The Radio Times is excellent value for money and I really appreciate receiving it early in the week so I can check which programmes I am interested in watching over the coming week.
by Alan
THis is simply the best magazine for all important things tv, radio and more. But more than that it's a great magazine too at an excellent price. Why bother with any of the competitors when this has the mast, the best and much more to offer
by Andy
Enjoying the convenience of having a top class tv listing again
by anonymous
great, at last a tv page that isn't just about soaps. Yes, it has enough about them but isn't written about them. The articles vary each week and are really interesting. Best of all its well written and not thrown together
by Lydia
This has to be the best TV guide around. It's full of all the usual listings, but it also has lots of interesting articles and features. Plus there's the radio listings too. A bit more expensive than the regular TV guides, but well worrth it!
by Audrey
Radio Times,for me, is invaluable for the radio listings, very important as I am a great radio fan. I read it from cover to cover and that is the truth, there is so much information and of course the TV listings are good. Love the soaps page too. All in all, I am lost without it but with subscription that won't happen !!!
Jo Brand

Jo Brand


"I’d probably say my favourite magazine was something boring like Radio Times. I had a sensible upbringing and although I’ve shaken most of that off and act like a bit of a berk, I do still have a tendency for the Radio Times. Well, you need to know what rubbish on your telly you need to avoid, don’t you?"

Hugh Bonneville

Hugh Bonneville


"I’m old enough to remember when the Radio Times only ever featured radio listings! These days it’s a multi-channel, multi-platform magazine which celebrates the very best in entertainment. I’ve been lucky enough to appear on the cover a couple of times and it’s a great eye into what’s coming up in the week ahead."

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