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Perfect for anyone who enjoys making cards, the simple, step-by-step guides in this mag show you how to quickly master new techniques and create thoughtful cards for any occasion.
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Subscribe to Quick Cards Made Easy magazine for the inspiration and techniques to create your own stunning cards in under an hour. Each issue is packed with 70 card designs, plus hints and tips from card-making experts to guide you along the way. Whether you're a complete beginner, or an experienced card-maker, the magazine is designed to cater for all experience levels with plenty of useful hints for all. With a fabulous free gift in every issue and inspiration for how to use it, you'll soon be on your way to making personalised masterpieces for all your friends.


With a Quick Cards made easy subscription you'll always have a quick and easy project at your fingertips. Every issue is packed with 70 new card designs from the UK's favourite card designers, all the latest product news plus expert advice on card making and money saving ideas.

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My subscription has run out. I have a renewal form and want to renew. Please tell me the cost in Americn dollars so I can send check. subscriber number QCME040011 Thankyou
Hello: I live in the United States and buy all of your magaznes at Michaels Crafts. I want to subscribe to this magazine (papercrafts Insperations). Would you bekind enough to tell me how much the subscription price is in American Dollars. Have a wonderful Day
An excellent magazine for cardmakers of all abilities & tastes with a USEFUL free gift every month! Highly recommended!!
Iwould love the May Issue of Quick Cards Made Easy no 22 plus the wonderful cd could you please tell me the price of this copy and i will send a cheque many thanks Jan
I would love issue may no 22 could you tell me and i will send a cheque for same tell me nz curency many thanks Jan