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Satisfy your curiosity about the natural world with National Geographic magazine, filled with vivid photography and articles on anthropology, history and science. Read more

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FREE World Map

FREE World Map

Subscribe to National Geographic Magazine and receive FREE Digital Access editions for iPad, iPhone & Google Play, a FREE World Map and FREE access to the National Geographic archives dating back to 1888

FREE World Map

FREE World Map

Subscribe to National Geographic Magazine and receive FREE Digital Access editions for iPad, iPhone & Google Play, a FREE World Map and FREE access to the National Geographic archives dating back to 1888


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With high definition, double page spreads from some of the world's most talented wildlife and portrait photographers, a subscription to National Geographic magazine gets you closer than ever to the world's greatest wonders. You'll read fascinating articles on new scientific discoveries and cultural topics, all expertly written to engage experienced experts and curious amateurs alike.

This science and nature magazine covers everything you've always wanted to know about past civilisations, natural resources and endangered animals, whilst also giving you a run down of topical issues affecting the world in which we live, from hydraulic fracturing to the international effort to limit the effects of climate change.

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Buy a National Geographic magazine subscription and explore the world's greatest wonders every month!

Famous around the globe, National Geographic is renowned for its compelling articles and dramatic photography that portray the beauty, mystery and harsh realities of life on earth. That's why the magazine is a universal favourite.

Not only will a subscription to National Geographic magazine broaden your mind and educate you on a wide range of topics - from world wars and civilisation to environmental issues and endangered wildlife - but no stone is left unturned when it comes to nature, science and history, so every issue will leave you amazed and awe-inspired.

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National Geographic is the official journal of the National Geographic Society. First published in 1888, a mere nine months after the National Geographic Society itself was founded, the magazine contains articles about a wide range of subjects, from geography, popular science, history, culture, current events and photography.

National Geographic magazine has a worldwide circulation with thirty two language editions. In 2007, 2008 and 2010 National Geographic magazine won the prestigious American Society of Magazine Editors General Excellence Award and in 2010 also received the top ASME awards for photojournalism and essay.

by Harry
I have been waiting a long time to be able to afford a subscription for "National Geographic" and now I have I wait for each edition with great anticipation and am not let down in anyway.\nAs a physically challenged individual one of the few things I can do without needing help from anyone else is my photography, which is the main reason I have always wanted a sub so I can admire the amazing photographs and only dream of being able to see the places or even take such good photographs.\nAnyway if you haven't gathered by now I am a fan of NG and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in great photography and very interesting well written articles.
by M
Fantastic magazine. Loved it as a kid and it continues to be one of the things I look forward to every month.
by Rob
Visually stunning and editorially engaging – these magazines are a great read each month and a fantastic resource to keep and refer back to. Highly recommended!
by o
the best magazine about nature geography. You can be sure you will always find something interesting and photos are really fantastic.
by Marco
A must for anyone interested in nature, history and all the good things this Planet Earth has to offer
by anonymous
Interesting stories and excellent photography
by Andy
For me National Geographic is certainly a must read as it tackles diverse subjects from animal conservation to volcanic activities. The photography within the magazine is probably the best part as some pictures are frankly stunning and you are guaranteed at least ten per issue. The one thing that is slightly annoying (well to me) is the number of adverts but that is a minor issue. Recommended.
by brian
David Bellamy

David Bellamy

Renowned naturalist

"Spending time in the country surrounded by nature has always been a life passion of mine. As you get older, you realise the potential of travelling the planet is maybe not as great as it once was, so to relive some of my favourite travel experiences through National Geographic is really important. For me, it’s all about fantastic stories, amazing photography, and the freedom you feel from knowing that there is a whole wide world out there ready to be explored. And that doesn’t just have to be about animals and plants – people matter too!"

Jodie Kidd

Jodie Kidd

Model and Presenter

"I subscribe to National Geographic. Without question, it’s my favourite magazine; it’s so inspirational. I love travel, love nature, love the beauty of the world, and National Geographic seems to capture perfectly all of these things in their purest forms. There are fascinating features backed up by simply incredible photography. I love how they capture these images, these moments, these people; I just think it’s a very cool magazine. Of course, it’s an aspirational title – it offers great ideas, great ambitions of seeing the planet, so when I finish reading my copy I often feel motivated to get out there and explore. It’s the only magazine I subscribe to, and probably the only title I will definitely make time for during my busy week."


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Offer available for the print subscription, UK delivery only.

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