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This is the perfect music magazine if you want to work on the technical side of the music industry, or even if you already do.  

A subscription to Music Tech magazine gives you access to reviews of the latest recording equipment as well as advice on sound proofing, studio acoustics and tutorials on essential computer programmes.

You'll love the regular Ten Minute Masters section, which gives you an in depth look at a specific technical skill you might be unfamiliar with, and the insightful interviews with musicians and studio artists. There's also a free CD each issue, with a great mix of sample tracks, demos and free software.


Take out a subscription to Music Tech magazine - the most practical magazine on the market for recording musicians, sound engineers and producers.

Including more features, artist interviews and tutorials, every issue of a subscription to Music Tech magazine also comes with a DVD packed full of pro samples and the best free software and demos.

Within each installment of a subscription to Music Tech magazine will be a two page spread titled Ten Minute Masters, that provides a detailed look into a technical area of the music industry, breaking down technical jargon and making the topic more easy to understand and digest.

As well as all this there is news, reviews, features and interviews. So why wait? Take advantage of the fantastic savings on offer and invest in a subscription to Music Tech magazine today.

If you know any aspiring music producers then MusicTech is for them, helping to take their productions to the next level and make it in the music business.

Your Subscription will begin with the next available issue. Please expect delivery in the next 4-6 weeks.

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris loves Music Tech

I love getting under the skin of what turns people on to music. And I’m never surprised at how deep dance music goes in our journeys. I find making music really therapeutic, but always want to learn more about equipment and sounds, so a mag like Music Tech is really useful. Nice tutorials, good reviews, and lots of community stuff. At the end of the day we all start doing this sort of stuff in our bedrooms, and that’s where this mag aims its voice, which is great.

Calvin Harris Music producer and DJ
Rollo Armstrong
Rollo Armstrong loves Music Tech

Magazines like Music Tech and Future Music are both my dream and worst nightmare as I always end up spending a fortune on new gear. In music, you always need to keep an eye on what’s happening and I rely on mags like these to keep me up to date.

Rollo Armstrong Music Producer
Ed Simons
Ed Simons loves Music Tech

It was the technology of music that really excited me when we first started out – the idea that any sound could be made from a computer. The technology is now so deep that you can never stop learning, and Music Tech has always stood out as the best magazine in the industry for tutorials, latest products and inspiring techniques.

Ed Simons Music producer, The Chemical Brothers