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If you want a glossy celebrity and gossip magazine that offers a good mix of Hollywood glamour and affordable fashion trends, LOOK is the one for you. Read more

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Find out which celebs are making bargain purchases at your favourite high street stores and how to channel expensive designer looks for less with this fun weekly magazine.

When you subscribe to LOOK magazine you'll get helpful recommendations on budget beauty buys and treatments, together with street style inspiration from across the UK and the latest news from the world of A-list celebrity. Inside, you'll also find fascinating real-life stories from readers, as well as exclusive offers and discounts for some of the most popular shops on the high street.

From the publisher

Look is the fast-paced, glamorous, glossy high street fashion and celebrity weekly for young women. It has a unique mix of up-to the-minute affordable fashion, high street shopping advice, celebrity style and news, coupled with thought provoking real life stories. Look is the accessible, must-have high street fashion bible.

Every week your subscription to LOOK magazine will bring you a unique mix of up-to-the-minute affordable fashion, beauty and advice that will have you running to the shops and leading the fashion pack!

Launched in February 2007, LOOK was the most successful magazine launch in the UK in 17 years. LOOK magazine is the first weekly high street fashion magazine for women and has tapped into today’s consumer society, especially young women’s appetite for shopping.

by Elizabeth
Great mag for following all the fashions!
by Natasha
really gud magazine
by rachel
I have been, a fan of look magazine since it came out. I buy a copy every week, i love the clothes and fashion styles as it gives me insperation for my wardrobe, and i alse like reading ab the celebs, this magazine is a must have,i would recommend it yo anyone.x
by Alice
This is a great quick fix as it's very reasonable in price. The fashion pages are a must-read and the layout is suberb!
by katey
I am an ardent reader of look magazine because it has all the fashion tips and celebrity news you can think abt..It brings high fashion to the high street for a little price. I ve never missed any week
by jessica
its a fairly new magazine so im guessing that's why im the first person to write my review. i love this magazine becaus it has all the hot fashions and beauty tps. they seem to promote all th good celebs in my opinion. it also beats OK! because im not a fan of he big magazines who seem to pay millions for one interview with some celeb who we've never heard of! i love look magazine its boss!
Jasmine Harman

Jasmine Harman

Travel Presenter

"I have written for Look magazine and always liked it as one of those titles you could read in a hurry. That’s not to say it’s not packed with great information of style, fashion, accessories and celebrity culture, but it’s not a magazine that takes itself too seriously, and you can read it in a week!"


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