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This is a concise but comprehensive paper from the journalists behind The Independent, giving you a brief and informative update on the day's biggest stories.
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From the publishers behind The Independent, this compact paper covers the day's most important events in brief, giving you an informative snapshot of the biggest taking points and debates. The paper aims to blend insightful and intelligent reporting with an attractive sense of brevity, making it a perfect publication for those wanting to stay informed on the move. An i newspaper subscription gives you access to a range of insightful features from the UK's leading journalists, with an attractive news matrix giving you a quick overview of current affairs, plus all of the regular opinion and editorial pieces that you would expect from an award-winning paper.

How it works
You will receive a set of vouchers and a welcome letter in the post. There will be a voucher for each day of the week you have subscribed for. You simply take one voucher a day into a participating newsagent and exchange it for your copy of i. The vouchers will expire after a certain date (this will be marked on the vouchers). The subscription is not a delivery service, however, a lot of local retailers offer their own home delivery service, and many of our customers receive their papers in this way. This is not managed by i, but by people liaising with their own newsagent. You are free to give your vouchers to your newsagent, and pay any delivery charge separately.


Single issue price for Monday-Friday is 40p. Single issue price on a Saturday is 50p

i, the UK's first quality daily newspaper to launch in 25 years, is designed for readers who want a concise, quality daily paper for just 20p.

i, Britain's fastest growing newspaper, won Newspaper of the Year at the 2012 National Newspaper Awards, beating six other national newspapers.

i newspaper is specifically targeted at readers and lapsed readers of quality newspapers, and those of all ages who want a comprehensive digest of the news. A subscription to i newspaper will combine intelligence with brevity, and depth with speed of reading, providing an essential daily briefing.

Your Subscription will begin with the next available issue. Please expect delivery in the next 4-6 weeks.

Really well priced against other daily papers. Just as much in them as all the rest.