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12 issues / 12 months
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This women’s lifestyle magazine is a great resource for all things fashion.

Every issue includes photo shoots that show you how to create stylish everyday outfits inspired by the latest catwalk trends, plus a number of top style tips specific to the season.

You'll read about all your favourite fashion-forward celebs in exclusive interviews every month, and you'll find thought-provoking articles on the issues that matter to you, from the pay gap between men and women to relationship concerns.

Add health, food and travel into the mix, and a subscription to Glamour magazine will provide you with a monthly essential read.


Your Glamour magazine subscription features all the hottest celebrities, the best fashion and beauty, gripping real-life stories and in-depth features.

With entertainment, health, fitness, travel and more, a Glamour magazine subscription is an ideal gift or a luxurious (yet affordable) treat for you!

Glamour magazine, which was founded in 1939 in the USA before being launched in the UK in 2000, is one of the best-selling fashion magazines for women. You will find the best of celebrity style tips, advice and fashion guidance. Other topics featured in the magazine include health, romance and relationships, as well as horoscopes. Glamour magazine also conducts regular polls and contests for the reader to get involved in.

As well as producing 12 issues of the magazine each year, every June Glamour organize and host the 'Glamour Woman of the Year Awards'. These annual awards recognize influential women in the public eye. Previous winners of this prestigious award include Cheryl Cole and Kylie Minogue.

Your Subscription will begin with the next available issue. Please expect delivery in the next 4-6 weeks.

Great subscription at a great price!
Excellent delivery of an UK magazine to Europe.
A great read, it's easy to pick up and put down.
I bought a subscription last year for my daughter in law and she was really pleased with it , it came on time each month, so this year I continued with It and again she is delighted and it arrives each month, many thanks. I live abroad and it mskes giving a gift much easier
Great girly mag!
Fab magazine!
garbage! same old rubbish and adverts every month, few actual content. very disappointed.
i gust love this mag
Thats cool
i love this magazine
this mag is totally brilliant! i would suggest it to anyone for anything.
I subscribe to glamour through this website-and its fantastic! It's always on time and in perfect condition. Sold at a good price, always a lovely treat at the beginning of the month. Will continue to subscribe.
I subscribe to Glamour - it's an excellent fashion mag with a good mix of fashion and beauty. There's also very little in the way of "celebrity" rubbish cluttering up the pages and all interviews/articles are very professionally done. Five stars!
i love this mag!!! I bought a subscription for all my girlfriends last year & will be renewing it this year to!!
An excellent quality magazine- you really get your value for money. Has a fun layout and very appealing to adults and teenagers alike
Great balance of high street & designer clothes.
Brilliant fashion magazine! The perfect gift at such a great price!
Fab magazine for all who love clothes, shoes, bags and makeup ! Really girly mag !
Good size for your handbag and has all the essentials to keep up to date on everything
I look forward to this mag each month, it's got everything and I'm definitely renewing my subscription this year.
Great magazine that includes everything you could want and it fits in your handbag so perfect for when you find yourself with a bit of spare time!
Fantastic mag look forward to it every month, love the first few pages of special products just out, handy hand bag size so great for reading on planes, trains and in automobiles....
Great mag - good size and filled with everything I want: reality, showbiz, movie reviews, horoscopes, love ... and it's in a handy smaller size, so easy to carry about :-)
This is such a great magazine for anyone who loves fashion and make-up. Great stories and editorials. Top Rate for me
A brilliant magazine with a bit of everything that fits in your handbag :-)
Good read, plenty of fashion vs. interesting articles
It's a great mag full of upto date glam, news, celebs and tips - very well received by all who read it!
Fantastic travel size
I Love Glamour. Has great articles, wonderful fashion and brightens up my day.
Excellent value could do with more freebies,
Excellent value could do with more freebies,
always plenty to read about new styles new make up and loads of good vtips
Great girls mag, full of great beauty tips, fashion guides, and celeb gossip. With the added bonus of more indepth, serious, and controversial subjects and issues highlighted and discussed frankly. Highly recommended
Great magazine for girls who want to keep up with the latest fashion, beauty tips and products, and celeb gossip. But tackles some more indepth, serious, and controversial issues too!
Excellent magazine. Wouldn't be without it every month. Worth every penny. Would highly recommend reading it or even better subscribing to it!
When i purchased my magazine subscription in April 2008 i had never brought one before, and i had a feeling that some months i wouldn't recieve the magazine, i was wrong. I have receieved every issue at a reasonable time in the month, never to late. Very satisfied with the service, will probably re-new my subscription when it ends. Thanks.
Very good, excellent value!
always on time, always interesting, could be a bit longer sometimes.
hello hi
Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden loves Glamour

I love Glamour magazine because it’s quite small and it fits into my handbag. I once had a Glamour magazine on holiday with me and it lasted for a month. There’s loads of content. If I ever get the chance to read though, it’s normally a book, normally an autobiography. I read Dawn French’s last. I’ve got a few books to take in my suitcase when I go on holiday soon and I’m literally counting the hours!

Amanda Holden Britain’s Got Talent judge
Estella Daniels
Estella Daniels loves Glamour

I love Glamour magazine. It does what you imagine it will – really excellent writing, with bright, stylish features. You feel the magazine is always putting a positive spin on fashion. I read fashion magazines and get excited and new trends and looks.

Estella Daniels "Sinbad" actress
Denise Welch
Denise Welch loves Glamour

There are so many women’s magazine it’s difficult to select one, but Glamour would probably rank as my favourite because it’s absolutely crammed full of shopping tips. It’s the high street in magazine form, and comes packed with so many affordable shopping ideas. It has a good dose of celebrity gossip as well, and sex and relationships, but it’s the shopping that really does it for me!

Denise Welch Actor and Loose Women Presenter
Fearne Cotton
Fearne Cotton loves Glamour

For me it’s all about style and fashion trends. I’m a sucker for a new collection and always want to look up-to-date without being hung out as some sort of style leader, because obviously I’m not that! Glamour combines good fashion advice with great looks and is a title that I’ve been reading for a long time.

Fearne Cotton TV presenter
Kerry Ellis
Kerry Ellis loves Glamour

I love reading magazines, I’m an addict! I love all the gossipy ones. That may come as a surprise to some people given that I’m a theatre performer, but I love the stories, love the style and always want to keep a close eye on the fashions. Of them all, I’d say my favourite is Glamour magazine. It’s always got more in there than I can get through, with a good combination of advice and insightful pieces. . I also take an interest in other mags, but I seem to be picking up Glamour more than the others.

Kerry Ellis West End and Broadway Star
Rochelle Humes
Rochelle Humes loves Glamour

I’ve had loads support for the launch of my fashion range, and I’ve always found it interesting how different magazines present fashion in different ways. Glamour has always been a title that’s stood out from the crowd because it was the first one that would fit in your handbag... I think I’m right in saying that. The writers totally understand fashion and how to put things together – it’s great.

Rochelle Humes Singer in The Saturdays