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This magazine is the perfect read for ambitious businessmen, with financial advice, news reports, and regular listings of the world's billionaires. Read more

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If you want sound financial advice from people with some seriously impressive credentials behind them, you need a subscription to Forbes. Best known for features on industry and investment, each issue also has plenty of news on technology, media and science to keep you well-informed on world developments. This American business management magazine has been published every two weeks since 1917, so with your subscription you'll know you're getting the benefit of several years of first-hand experience. You'll also read plenty of innovative and inspiring business suggestions, humorous and satirical articles and of course, the infamous Rich Lists.

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FORBES is a business person's guide to management and corporate strategies. The format is extremely user-friendly and it is a well-balanced combination of both theory and international news. Each issue of FORBES is full of the latest news, in-depth money articles, investing, law, science and technology and readers views. FORBES GLOBAL also provides readers with useful facts and comments from people within the field.

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