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If you are a professional or student in business, finance or accountancy, a monthly subscription to economia magazine ensures you will receive authoritative, insightful and useful business content presented in an engaging and balanced way. Read more

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economia, the monthly business and finance magazine that combines in-depth reportage with punchy opinion pieces, vital messages on technical and public policy issues as well as lifestyle features for inspiration after hours.
Subscribe today and you’ll receive content that’s not just rigorous and balanced but beautifully designed using exclusive images by some of the world’s best photographers and typographers.
The magazine has to appeal to a broad readership of ICAEW members that includes senior executives, entrepreneurs, policymakers and public sector leaders, as well as partners and practitioners in all sizes of accountancy firm. So you might find a profile with Tesco’s CFO alongside a feature on the financial crisis and an economics perspective on global trade wars. And the next month an interview with a chartered accountant accountant-turned-film producer in Australia along with a special report on artificial intelligence, and on the trials of building a football stadium.
economia magazine has established itself as the go-to title helping business, finance and accountancy professionals keep in touch with the things that matter.

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