Carey Mulligan tells Cosmo her secrets to being happy

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Life must be pretty darn great for Carey Mulligan right now, she’s gorgeous, happily married to Mumford & Son’s Marcus, her career is exploding and her film The Great Gatsby is about to take the world by storm.

It’s no surprise that Cosmopolitan wanted to catch up with the starlet to find out her tips to staying happy, is it? Mulligan says in the June issue (which those of you with a Cosmo subscription have probably already read cover-to-cover!) that happiness is...

- Playing Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby: “She’s light and fluffy with no substance and she knows it.”

- Working with Leonardo DiCaprio: “I walked away from my audition and I couldn’t believe I’d been acting with him. My friends freaked out in a star-struck way about it; I freaked out in a geeky acting way.”

- Baking carrot cake: “I’m not going work for the sake of it. If there’s nothing around, then I’ll go home and bake carrot cake!”

- Living her dreams: “There was no light-bulb moment when I thought of it as a career; I just always thought it was what I was going to do.”

- Giving 100%: I did more research for Gatsby than for any other film. Baz [Luhrmann] gave us volumes of material to study so that we could understand the economics and politics of the period.”

However, the one thing that she’s not a fan of is getting naked on film: “Watching yourself on-screen is bad enough, but watching yourself on-screen naked? It’s a genuine nightmare!”

Catch the full article in the June issue before you subscribe and save on a Cosmopolitan magazine subscription today.

Posted by Amy Power.

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