EU launches investigation into Google's search results

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If you've got a PC Pro magazine subscription, you can read about the European Union (EU) launching a probe to investigate Google's search results.

The web giant has been accused of doctoring its results to favour its own services.

Google has been accused of "lowering the ranking of unpaid search results of competing services which are specialised in providing users with specific online content such as price comparisons (so-called vertical search services) and by according preferential placement to the results of its own vertical search services in order to shut out competing services", according to the EU, reports PC Pro magazine.

The European Commission will look into the allegations in order to assess if it is abusing its "dominant position" in the search market.

It will also investigate claims Google does not allow its advertising partners to place certain ads on other sites, in a bid to head-off rivals, reports PC Pro magazine.

Recently, search giant Google admitted to accidentally taking emails, URLs and passwords when running its Street View operation.

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