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James Franco’s younger brother Dave has burst on to the acting scene and is well and truly creeping out of his sibling’s shadow to make a name for himself. Though he tells Wonderland magazine he still gets great advice from his big bro back in their Feb/March issue.

“The best thing he’s ever told me is to be patient and hold out for movies that I really want to do,” he says. “About two years ago I made the decision to only go out for projects that I am passionate about, although I knew at the time that might’ve been the stupidest decision I ever made because I might never work again.”

Dave not only acts but he also writes too. “There are so many actors out there who sit around in between jobs, waiting to audition,” he tells the magazine. “I was doing that for a while but you get antsy and you end up taking these jobs that you don’t necessarily love out of boredom. Having something to do that feeds my creativity enables me to be more patient.”

He seems a little wary of success, which is probably a result of having a famous brother. Speaking about acting and fame in general, he says: “For a long time, I can’t say that I loved acting because I was so nervous going to class every day. But I kept at it and I became a little more comfortable and started having a bit more fun with it [...] The whole acting world is too much. Honestly, I have a freak-out moment at least once every other month, thinking ‘Is this the life I’m aspiring to lead?’ Because I really do cherish the anonymity that I have left.”

Read the full interview in the March issue of Wonderland.

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Posted by Amy Power.

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