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Christian woman wins crucifix discrimination case

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If you are a Christian – perhaps some of you with an IBelieve magazine subscription – then you may be pleased to hear of British Airways worker Nadia Eweida’s victory in the European Court of Human Rights today.

After being banned by her bosses from wearing her crucifix as visible jewellery was not allowed as part of her uniform as a flight attendant, Elweida was offered a different job within the company, but she refused.

After a dispute, the company changed their policy in 2007 and Elweida returned to her job. The Europena courts ruled that Elweida’s human rights had been breached an she is to be compensated by £26,600 by British Government.

Elweida has said: "I'm very happy and very pleased that Christian rights have been vindicated in the UK and Europe.I'm very pleased that after all this time the European court has specifically recognised... that I have suffered anxiety, frustration and distress."

Unfortunately, three other workers in Britain who had similar experiences did not fare so well. Shirley Caplane, Gary McFarlane and Lillian Ladele all had their cases thrown out.

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Posted by Claire Sharp.

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