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This magazine keeps you completely engaged in the important debates shaping our world, giving you insights into key issues from industry insiders.

With a subscription to Time magazine, you'll find out who the most influential people in the world are each year in the Time 100, and chances are a fair few of them will be featured in articles or even writing themselves.

You can read coverage of events including births, deaths, marriages, divorces and legal cases, as well as reviews of the latest books, films and concerts. You're sure to love the reasoned and factual writing in Time magazine, giving you both sides of the story to let you form your own informed opinions.


A subscription to TIME magazine brings you the news that matters, keeping you well informed on world affairs, and covering all the issues that affect your life. From political struggles to scientific breakthroughs, environmental issues, and what's new in business, fashion and the arts. A subscription to TIME magazine gives you a regular and unbiased perspective. With a subscription to TIME magazine you will find feature articles and essays that give you concise information and unique insights from world-leading journalists. With award-winning photography, compelling graphics and useful charts and graphs, TIME magazine is stimulating reading that helps you develop a truly global perspective. Stay in the know and take out a subscription to TIME magazine now. PLEASE NOTE: PURCHASER & RECIPIENT MUST BOTH LIVE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM

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Time is a great mix of the up to date political and economic review plus more in-depth articles on specific items of interest. Excellent value for money.
Best news and current affairs magazine. Inspiring
very useful for learning about current affairs and keeping up to date with the society. i find it particularly helpful for my politics class and in debate competitions.
its really to read and its interesting
Time has always been an easy read and is a great source for world issues.
Great mag! very useful to understand the mains issues of the world. It's always a pleasure to read TIME weeks after weeks. Carry on the good work !
TIME is packed with world news as it happens, but also offers the reader the chance to be informed of lesser known issues affecting people all over the world. The articles are always engaging and well-written and the range of coverage is excellent.
Great magazine, looking forward to it every single week
Larry Lamb
Larry Lamb loves TIME

The only magazine I’ll make sure I read is Time. I mean, you don't get any better than that title. It combines cutting edge opinion on all the current events, showcases insightful articles, and employs writers who present the facts rather than shoving their opinions down your throat. It’s got a style and a tone all of its own, and it has something that a lot of titles don’t seem too bothered about – respect. You can't beat Time, really.

Larry Lamb Actor
Eamonn Holmes
Eamonn Holmes loves TIME

I’m always reading Time magazine. It’s important I keep up to speed with politics, world and social affairs and the environment for my job, but those are interests I have anyway, and it’s a really thorough read. I always seem to have my head in a copy, and it’s the sort of mag you can go back to a few months down the line and realise there’s something you left behind that you’d like to read now – it doesn’t age.

Eamonn Holmes TV Presenter