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Accessible to enthusiasts and hobbyists alike, Railways Illustrated is a top magazine, giving you a comprehensive look at modern day railways in operation.
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WHY BUY A SUBSCRIPTION TO Railways Illustrated Magazine?

This leading specialist railways magazine is a great choice for anyone looking to stay up to date with the modern day British railway scene, with a comprehensive round up of the latest news and topical issues facing the industry.

You'll find considered articles from industry professionals, as well as a nostalgic look at the history and heritage of UK rail, complete with stunning photographs and clever illustrations.

Every issue of a Railways Illustrated magazine subscription will also bring you detailed articles on the more technical aspects of train life, plus tips on how to get started with trainspotting and model rail construction.


Each issue of a Railways Illustrated magazine subscription offers you a comprehensive round-up of the latest news and topical events from the UK across the present day railway, including heritage traction in operation on the main lines.Supported by high quality photography and editorial from experienced railway enthusiasts, Railways Illustrated magazine reflects the energy and vitality of the present day railway scene.Devoted to coverage of railway companies, train operators, infrastructure functions, main line steam operations and principal modern traction heritage sites, Railways Illustrated magazine also presents a regular photographic overseas feature, some semi-technical articles, and a popular practical series on digital photography.

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Good knowledgable read. Informative and topical. Good value for money.