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If you're planning an Asian wedding, this mag offers inspiration on everything from exotic honeymoon destinations to place settings and dessert, helping you to pull off a spectacular big day.
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WHY BUY A SUBSCRIPTION TO Asiana Wedding Magazine?

Make your big day extra special with Asiana Wedding magazine: a fantastic source of inspiration on every aspect of the ceremony, whether you're looking to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends in wedding outfits or find out where to buy the best flowers, fabrics or bridal jewellery.

With a subscription to Asiana Wedding magazine you'll find plenty of ideas on themes, as well as real-life stories from happily married couples, health and beauty tips, celebrity interviews and even advice on etiquette and how to manage your guests.


A subscription to Asiana Wedding magazine brings readers essential advice and inspiration to make their big day extra special. Asiana Wedding Magazine is the biggest selling Asian glossy wedding magazine in the UK. Packed with over 340+ pages, Asiana Wedding magazine delivers an amazing array of features relating to celebrities, fashion trends, health and beauty tips, social issues and expert advice to make planning the big day that little bit easier. Every issue of Asiana Wedding Magazine features inspiring bridal fashion, traditional Asian jewellery, stunning photography and flower arrangements. Asiana Wedding Magazine also provides a list of top caterers for all budgets and great wedding venues across the country. Published 4 times a year, Asiana Wedding Magazine also makes a great gift subscription for any bride looking for a little inspiration and help to make their big day perfect.

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This magazine just gets better and better, i still read it even though i've been married for 2 years :)
this is a great magazine and great fashion! a must have!
Good collection, helped me with my shopping
good. but the adds take up alot of the 400 odd pages! some issues full of not very relevant info...such as cosmetic surgery? some good ideas however.
We look forward to receiving our copies of Asian Wedding - only wish it was out more often. It is an essential read for any bride. Excellent fashion and beauty. Great tips and contacts information. An inspiration!!
best of the world dresses
i really like asiana
Noreen Khan
Noreen Khan loves Asiana Wedding

You don’t tend to get Asian magazines catering for the same thing as British magazines – there aren’t any car or gadget mags - they all tend to be female orientated, with fashion, a bit of music in there and a bit of lifestyle. There’s a great title called Asiana Wedding, because weddings are obviously always a hot topic in Asian culture. Those mags focus a lot on bridal wear and offer inspiration in terms of what outfits to go for. It’s a huge market.

Noreen Khan BBC Asian Network host