Miley Cyrus Gets Her Elvis On

Former princess of provocateur returns to her country roots in new video.

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus has been exploring a more organic and authentic side of her musical personality of late, but no one could quite be prepared for the video that accompanies her latest single, Younger Now, in which she appears to impersonate the King of Rock and Roll.

The rockabilly inflected ditty, begins with Miley daydreaming on a bed in a demure lace nightie, before rocking out with a guitar with full-on Elvis quiff and silk Americana-inspired silk shirt and hot pants combo. She then performs with a marionette puppet, channelling Elvis’ famous Wooden Heart performance in his film G.I. Blues, before donning a rhinestone jumpsuit.

The uplifting track about personal evolution is a follow up to Malibu. Younger Now will also be the name of her upcoming album which will be released on September 29 and features Dolly Parton.

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