Five Fab foodies: Artisanal food trends that are defining 2018

Get the lowdown on the hottest food in  town, from matcha-spiked lattes to mushroom jerky.

Small Batch Everything

Over the past decade it has become evident that if you want good quality food and drink then you have to move away from mass-produced products. Previously, it might have seemed foolhardy to try and compete with a huge corporation for customers, but these days small producers are not only cherished, but heartily supported. From sourdough bread, to  coffee beans, chocolate and even gin, it is common knowledge that if you want the finest food that is worthy of your pound, you need to seek out those independent roasteries, distilleries and bakeries.

Beverages with Benefits

The average cup of joe won’t cut it anymore, as drinks become supercharged in order to maximise health benefits. Coconut milk as an dairy alternative for example, has gone from being a health store item to a staple of every high street coffee chain. Matcha, a powdered green tea powerhouse, and cancer-fighting turmeric have also become ubiquitous in cafes up and down the country.

Stem-to-Root Dining

The more palatable (and digestible) vegetarian sister to the somewhat gruesome nose-to-tail concept, root-to-stem is becoming a mainstay on every conscientious restaurateurs menu. The idea is to eat the entire plant, thereby reducing waste. So carrot tops, cauliflower leaves and even potato peelings become culinary delights rather than compost pile proliferators.


This is not some food fad where one is expected to meditate at every meal, but more the act of having a conscious understanding and appreciation of the food you are eating. Stem-to-root dining for example, comes with the reassurance that the plate of food you are enjoying has created little or no waste, just like buying meat from a local farmer offers a sense of provenance that you simply can’t find in a supermarket.

Mushroom Mania

Mushrooms are officially the hottest vegetable in town, and with good reason! Thanks to their meaty texture and delightful umami taste, they make a terrific meat alternative, particularly when dried and spiced to make a vegan jerky. They also score really high nutritionally, with reishi infused coffee and chaga protein bars becoming a great way to get a little superfood in your life.

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