Ulrika Jonsson Reveals Real Reason She Quit Presenting

The stunning Swede opened up to Hello! about why she grew tired of being on telly.

During the Nineties, it was almost impossible to watch a television show which didn’t star Ulrika Jonsson (though arguably, there were only four channels…) but since her Celebrity Big Brother victory in 2009, the peppy presenter has been noticeably absent from our screens.

Talking exclusively to Hello! the ex-Gladiators host has revealed the reason she turned her back on telly, to become a stay -at-home mum. “I didn’t understand it anymore and wasn’t sure I wanted to be part of it,” she told the magazine.

“I’m old school and had trained to be a presenter, but suddenly everyone on social media thought they could perform that role too. There were also so many commercial TV channels and more trashy shows.”

Currently wowing audiences with her cuisine on Celebrity Masterchef, Ulrika said she wanted to show there was more to Swedish food than ‘Ikea meatballs,’ and cited a recent milestone birthday for her return to the small screen:

'As my 50th loomed, I had this feeling that if I didn’t go on MasterChef now, I probably never would. After a break of many years from TV, it seemed like the right time and place to dip back into it.'

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